The baking proces

It’s been a long time since we post something here on the website. We were busy baking uh.. making our pizza game. Here is a slice of what’s to come in the next few months.

Alpha development screen

Gamescom 2014

On early morning of Saturday 16th of August after a good cup of coffee, we drove to Cologne for the Gamescom 2014. Gamescom is a convention for game developers. Traditionally, the major developers concentrate on promoting their big triple A games at Gamescom, but at this year's event a wave of indie games and new services such as the Occulus Rift drew as much attention as blockbuster franchises. Especially for us this was great to see. After we parked our car, we went strait to hall 9 with the indie games. We saw some great ideas. The market for indie development is upcoming. This is a good sign for us. In the afternoon we went to the big boys booths. Sony, Xbox and EA. We had a great time witnessing all those new and upcoming games. We played with an Occulus Rift at the War Thunder booth, that was some experience. It was absurd. You know that you are on the ground going nowhere, but your mind thinks that you are moving. It was sheer fun. On the way back home we said to each other: 'Next year we'll be back!'

Up and running!

Finally the new website has arrived! Check out our game page and learn more about our first game Pizza Quick. You can also find a few sneak peaks of games to come. Be sure to visit frequently as we will be updating our spot on the web with our progress and stuff we find interesting that we want to share with you.

For the past couple of months you've been looking at our launch website. It had served us well, and to be honest there wasn't much we could do to break it. Our new and fancy website should be 'fully operational', however if you do find an exhaust port lacking a cover please let us know.