Swim! Yellow! Swim!

Dear Yellow… SWIM!
Swim, Yellow, Swim!

Swim! Yellow! Swim! is a fun, exciting and thrilling swimming adventure. Your goal… SWIM AWAY!

From the crossing depth, blue spotted you and he wants you for lunch. So listen to me: swim, Yellow, swim!
Take your role as Yellow and stay ahead of Hungry Blue before he eats you whole!

Every tap you make wil earn points. Show your score to your friends and challenge them to go even further. How far can you go?

Welcome to the new Swim! Yellow! Swim! or should we say Swim! Green! Swim!…

We’ve added new, addictive, gameplay for you to enjoy;
– Swim up or swim down;
– Collect coins;
– Get boosts.

Spend your coins to unlock Yellow’s friends in the Fish Market.