We are pleased to announce that we are very close to the release date of our new game #NeonRun! We are currently working on the last finishing touches.NeonRunGame

NeonRun; New Game!

While we’re still working on the update for Swim! Yellow! Swim!, we started a new game called NeonRun. Stay tuned for more updates about NeonRun!


Swim! Yellow! Swim! available in the AppStore

We did it! Swim! Yellow! Swim! is available in the AppSore, download the game today. We received a lot of fantastic reviews and comments, thank you! Keep playing and improve your highscore!
Immediately after releasing we started to work on an update. We are busy working on all received feedback. If you want to give us feedback you can mail to info@inlawsgaming.com.
We want to develop new features. We’ll keep you posted!

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Swim Yellow Swim!

The last few months, we developed this new game called Swim Yellow Swim! It has been a bumpy ride since the beginning. At first we developed with Made with Marmelade, but halfway through the proces we switched to Unity. After a few startup problems with the new development program, we made some great progress. Now we’re finally play testing the game. There are still some things left to do, but we’re aiming to release this game this summer. Keep coming back to get new updates!