This founder of inLaws Gaming Studio is actually a teacher primary school. He teaches kids at a school in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. While teaching he discovered that kids know a lot about games. Kids know more about games than about school stuff. Then Gideon came up with a genius plan: 'Let's make video games with some interesting stuff in it, so kids will actually learn from it.' And so he started inLaws Gaming Studio with his brother in law Dwayne. When Gideon is not teaching or making games with Dwayne, he is travelling around the world or practicing 1 of his other 500 or so hobbies.


Dwayne is a true gamer. His dream was to become a game designer. That is why he studied game design in Breda, The Netherlands. After completing his study he started this game company. Even though his passion lies in the world of games, he works as a front-end developer to keep up appearances for the mundane world. Unlike his partner in crime he doesn't have 500 or so hobbies. However you can find him talking to fish beneath the surface occasionally. When he is not working on his new game, playing a game for him self or blowing bubbles, you can find him daydreaming about a galaxy far far away....